Messages from our supporters

Dot Com Digital has garnered support from a wide range of people, here are just some of the kind messages they have sent in support.

"I am very proud to have helped on this journey and to have played a small part in helping ensure Dotcom Digital continues to educate and protect the next generation."
Mike Riordan
“It is been fantastic to see the developments of the Dot Com program over the years and the impact it has had. The new digital version in a time where children spend ever more time on line will help us all ensure our children are safe and can ask for help and pose difficult questions which can be so difficult.”
Carl Foulkes
Chief Constable, North Wales &
NPCC Lead, Digital Internet Investigations & Intelligence Group
"I feel very strongly about what Dot Com is doing and can already see the positive impact that they are making on the next generation. The move to digital will help Dot Com reach even more children growing up in an increasingly online world. Being able to help them in their journey is a great privilege."
Shane Taylor
"It has been an honour for us to be able to work with Dot Com. This amazing charity has made a huge step forward in the way we communicate with Children by helping them open up and reach out for help in a non-invasive way, as well as making them feel safe when they communicate."
Rupert Bryan
MPH Film
“Children can be among the most vulnerable in our community but sadly, it is a reality that online threats against them are increasing. This is not an issue that one single agency can tackle effectively and I am proud to be part of a partnership that is so passionate about doing all it can to protect young people.

Dot Com Digital takes an innovative approach, using the latest technology and the imagination of a group of children to help them and their peers recognise the signs of grooming, exploitation and bullying and have the confidence to seek help.”
BJ Harrington
Chief Constable, Essex Police
"Over the past few months we have worked in consultation with children from Holy Cross Primary to create the Dot Com Digital platform and it's exciting today to see everyone’s hard work come to life.

The resource is based on the “Dot Com” programme, which has been running as a paper-based resource for fifteen years, and we are proud to support the digitisation of the platform that will give children across the UK access to the programme. It has been an incredible and important project to be part of and demonstrates how technology can be used for good.”
Anton Bagrov