Meet Dot & Friends

What adults don’t know about Dot is that she has an exciting secret – a magic friend called Mister Mouse. He is a computer mouse and when Dot clicks on Mister Mouse he wakes up and takes her into the internet so she can travel anywhere in the world.

Wizard and Dot also have a good secret. When she logs on to the internet to go on internet adventures, Wizard can talk. Wizard thinks being polite and having manners is very important. He reminds Mister Mouse to say please and thank you and he says if you have good manners you can go anywhere in the world

These are just some of the characters than Dot goes on her adventures with.

About Dorothy Com (Dot)

Dot is nine, nearly ten and loves computers, reading and my family. Her Nanny says that she is so good at reading out loud that one day she could read the news. 

She thinks reading the news would be a great job so tries extra hard at English. Dot believes the most important values are love and kindness and does her best to be kind to everyone she meets.


About Wizard

Dot’s best friend in the whole world is her dog Wizard who is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. She calls him her fur friend because when Wizard is by her side she feels safe and happy. Wizard waits for Dot when she comes home from school and sleeps by her bed.

About Susie Com

My mum is called Susie and she does a lot of work for charities that help
children. She says not everyone is lucky enough to have a family that can look
after them, so we must do everything we can to help those children.

Susie Com
Bill Com

About Bill Com

My Dad is called Bill and he’s the manager of a pet shop called Doggydos. He is always trying to make me laugh and sometimes he makes me laugh when he doesn’t mean to. This is because he really finds computers difficult and I can him ‘dinosaur dad’ because sometimes he behaves like he’s from another

About Nanny Com

My Nanny is super cool and very wise. She says she’s been on this planet
a long time so she’s solved a lot of problems. Nanny Com goes to classes
to learn about the computer and she likes to do yoga and keep fit. The
best thing about Nanny Com is she’s always there for me to talk to if I am
worried. Nanny Com says it’s very important to be kind and her golden
rule for life is ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’.


About Genie

Genie is my best friend at school and she lives in the same road as me. We are very different and I think that is a good thing. Genie loves fashion and clothes and watching shows on Netflix and I love computers and books and reading. So when I am being too serious she makes me laugh and when she wants to watch TV instead of doing her homework her Mum always asks me to help

About Pearl

Pearl is another one of my friends from school. She is one of the kindest people I know. She’s really smart and wants to be a scientist. She loves animals and is always working out ways to save the planet. Sometimes Pearl is really sad because her Mum and Dad are divorced and her Mum lives in a different house.


About Slam

Slam is Pearl’s brother and he hangs out with us quite a bit. Everyone says he’s cheeky and he is always making us laugh. Slam gets in trouble quite a bit because he can get quite angry about things. Pearl thinks that somehow he thinks it’s his fault that his Mum and Dad split up even though his Dad tells him that it isn’t his fault. Slam is really good at maths without even trying and his Mum says he should work in a bank. But Slam is always playing basket ball although he’s quite short and he really dreams that one day he will grow tall enough to play for a national team.

About Mister Mouse

Mister Mouse is Canadian and very funny. Sometimes he says things which seem funny but are quite mean. When he does that Dot reminds him of Nanny Com’s favourite saying “my fun is fun for everyone”. Meaning we should never make jokes about other people.

Mr Mouse