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Dionne Warwick Global Ambassador for Dot Com

Singing Legend Dionne Warwick is the global ambassador for Dot Com and is keen to spread the news around the world about the programme which empowers children to speak up about issues which frighten or worry them. Dionne heard about Dot Com from Maddie Ingoldsby, who is a young ambassador for Dot. Maddie, is the…

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Focus Group At Holy Cross School in South Ockendon

Year Five pupils at Holy Cross School in South Ockendon carried out focus group testing on the new Dot Com Digital journals with a senior executive from the software development company DataARt who are carrying out the project as part of their CSR. Anton Bagrov joined Sharon Doughty and Neil Evans the founders of the…

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Challenge 1000

In 2016 the Dot Com Charity introduced the Challenge 1000, which is our challenge to raise £1,000 in six months in any way that seems like fun. This can be done as a company, as a team or as an individual. Schools have also very successfully participated and the first company that took on the…

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