Sharon Doughty Speaks at TEDx

Giving Children the Power to Speak Up

Sharon recently took part in a TEDx talk to discuss her creation of Dot Com and what led to her being an advocate for giving children the power to speak. During her talk she discusses:

  • How important it is to give children the skills needed to speak up about issues which frighten or worry them.
  • How after a near-fatal car crash on her way to the BBC studios she decided to stop keeping the secret of her childhood – which was growing up with violence and abuse
  • How she created a friend for children called Dot Com who would empower them to speak up if they are afraid
  • How she is working with Essex Police and the national police chief council to roll out a new free resource for schools to protect children from the current digital threat, which has been sponsored by DataArt and is hosted free by Microsoft
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