Dot Com Safety Initiative Launched

A NEW online safety resource for children launched at Holy Cross Catholic Primary School in Daiglen Drive, South Ockendon today (Wednesday, 5 June).

The resource, Dot Com Digital, is the product of a partnership between Essex Police and national charity Dot Com Children’s Foundation.

It has been built by DataArt and aims to prevent children becoming victims of online grooming, radicalisation, exploitation and bullying by giving them the confidence to recognise the signs and reach out to an adult for help.

It also uses clever technology to highlight to teachers children who may be at higher risk of becoming a victim.

The project launched at the school after a group of year six children there took part in a workshop to put forward their ideas and help create content that would appeal to their peers.

During the launch presentation children spoke to the programme designers via a live video link to Russia.

Aimed at children aged four to 11, Dot Com Digital sees pupils take part in online safety lessons before completing their own personal digital journal.

Cartoon character Dot and her friends help children learn about the risks they might encounter in the digital world and teaches them how to recognise their own body signs of danger.

Originally posted on: Thurrock & South Essex Independent

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