Dot Com Joins Essex Police to Discuss Hothouse 2

Dot Com went to Essex Police HQ today (29th May 2019) to meet with the Chief Constable BJ Harrington and industry partners discussing the success of the BT Hothouse event and contribute ideas for Hothouse 2. 

It was 2017 when the Dot Com Children’s Foundation was invited to participate in the Hothouse bringing together partners to discuss the current digital threat. The Chief said he was proud that one of the successes of the first BT Hothouse, held by Essex Police, is the new Dot Com Digital journal for safeguarding primary school children from the current digital threat. The journal starts pilots next week in Thurrock and was created by children for Children with the support of the police and DataArt with free hosting from Microsoft. 

This is a very powerful use of partnership by Essex Police to protect children. 

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