Dionne Warwick Global Ambassador for Dot Com

Singing Legend Dionne Warwick is the global ambassador for Dot Com and is keen to spread the news around the world about

the programme which empowers children to speak up about issues which frighten or worry them.

Dionne heard about Dot Com from Maddie Ingoldsby, who is a young ambassador for Dot. Maddie, is the daughter of music producer Denis Ingoldsby a long time friend of the singer and her UK manager. Maddie wrote to Dionne with her Dad’s help and told her how Dot Com helps children to learn to ask for help and to know how to stay safe. She asked Dionne if she would fly to London and put on a show to raise awareness of Dot and Dionne said yes immediately.

The special dinner was put on at Banqueting House and Dionne recorded a special interview with Maddie for the charity. Dionne said: “Dot Com is quite a girl and if she needs a friend she only has to call me and I’ll be there!” 

Dionne is pictured here with Maddie and her sister Anaiyah, along with Joshua and Amelia, the children of the founders of the programme Sharon Doughty and Neil Evans and the children of sponsors of the event including India Adams.

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