Dionne Warwick Global Ambassador for Dot Com

Singing Legend Dionne Warwick is the global ambassador for Dot Com and is keen to spread the news around the world about

the programme which empowers children to speak up about issues which frighten or worry them.

Dionne heard about Dot Com from Maddie Ingoldsby, who is a young ambassador for Dot. Maddie, is the daughter of music producer Denis Ingoldsby a long time friend of the singer and her UK manager. Maddie wrote to Dionne with her Dad’s help and told her how Dot Com helps children to learn to ask for help and to know how to stay safe. She asked Dionne if she would fly to London and put on a show to raise awareness of Dot and Dionne said yes immediately.

The special dinner was put on at Banqueting House and Dionne recorded a special interview with Maddie for the charity. Dionne said: “Dot Com is quite a girl and if she needs a friend she only has to call me and I’ll be there!” 

Dionne is pictured here with Maddie and her sister Anaiyah, along with Joshua and Amelia, the children of the founders of the programme Sharon Doughty and Neil Evans and the children of sponsors of the event including India Adams.

Focus Group At Holy Cross School in South Ockendon

Year Five pupils at Holy Cross School in South Ockendon carried out focus group testing on the new Dot Com Digital journals with a senior executive from the software development company DataARt who are carrying out the project as part of their CSR.

Anton Bagrov joined Sharon Doughty and Neil Evans the founders of the Dot Com programme at Holy Cross School in South Ockendon in Thurrock . The journal will be launched in a pilot starting with the whole of year 5 after half term.

The journal has been created in a unique partnership between Essex Police, the Internet Intelligence and Investigations division of the National Police Chief Council, The Dot Com Charity and DataArt.

Discussions with the children even spread over lunch and pupils were excited by the journal and the prospect of playing cartoons and games as part of learning how to stay safe in the digital world.

Civil servants and police launch Dot Com Charity at the Home Office with celebrity support

The Dot Com Children’s Foundation was launched at the Home Office by volunteers from the civil service lead by the Chief Accountant to the Home Office, Mark Wilson.

More than 30 volunteers signed up to support the charity to help founders Sharon Doughty and Neil Evans to reach more children around the country.

Kathryn Blair, Chair of the trustees, attended the event with Len Goodman’s son who was also a trustee and the audience was treated to the most fantastic Strictly display by Kristina Rihanoff and Robin Windsor. The event raised the first funds ever put into the charity and Chief Constable Sara Thornton who was then Chair of the National Police Chief Council participated in the fun and even the dance lesson!

Children from Croydon who were ambassadors for the Dot Com programme made a speech to tell the adults why all children should have access to the programme.

Challenge 1000

In 2016 the Dot Com Charity introduced the Challenge 1000, which is our challenge to raise £1,000 in six months in any way that seems like fun. This can be done as a company, as a team or as an individual.

Schools have also very successfully participated and the first company that took on the challenge was Forever Living. Many of their business owners took on the challenge and did everything from an 80’s disco to coffee mornings, formal balls and mountain climbing and cycle rides.

The first school to participate was Fairchildes School in Croydon who raised the amount in one day! Pupils went out into the community to fundraise and help out and they also paid to dress up as their hero. It was an amazing effort. 

Forever Business Owners and Challenge 1000

Forever is committed to supporting Dot Com and many of their Forever Business Owners have already
committed to raising £1,000 (and beyond!). Here are the stories from some of those who have taken part:

Jason Yates and Sarah Aspinall: On May 28th 2016 a team of eighteen climbed Snowdon as part of the Challenge 1000.

Jason: “Some people wanted to kill us for organising it but people did get more and more enthusiastic during the climb! Everyone on the team was different; for some people it was the first time they’d climbed a mountain, but for others they’d done it a few times. Some people were already doing Challenge 1000 and so they were climbing Snowdon alongside other things, but we collected sponsors wherever we could.

To see how confident Myles was speaking up on stage at Success Express was fantastic, and to think that some of the children that Sarah teaches could also experience this change in their lives – that would be amazing. We have two young boys ourselves so it’s important for us to do anything we can for the younger generation.”

Sarah: “I work in a school so I put up a sponsorship form in the staff room and loads of people from school decided to sponsor me. I’m hoping to get Dot Com into my school and Sharon from Dot Com has given me materials to help do this. If we can get them to the school we would see the good they do first-hand. The school is in the middle of a council estate and there are lots of under-privileged children who could benefit.”

Ellie Cooper: “I was at February Success Express when I first heard about Dot Com and it really struck a chord with me. My background is primary school teaching and I’ve worked in schools in deprived areas; I’d see children coming to school with burns on them, somethings they’d have no socks, no underwear, holes in their shoes, things like that, so when I heard about Dot Com I immediately felt like I needed to get involved. It’s one thing to know that abuse and neglect happens, but it’s another to see it first-hand! I pledged the £1,000 and I’ve raised about £1,200 so far – I did a spin-a-thon at my local gym (three hours on a spin bike), and I climbed Mount Snowdon. But I want to keep raising money for the charity.”

Jason Ward: Jason organised an 80’s charity night and managed to collect over £900 on the night. He personally rounded it up to £1,000 for Dot Com.

Kat Massey: Kat cut as many people’s hair as she could in one day (haircut-a-thon) for free – all she asked for was a donation for Dot Com. She managed to raise over £475 that day.

Teresa Clark: “After Success Express in February I decided to take on Challenge 1000 as I felt very passionate about the ethics behind Dot Com. Unfortunately, as a child, my three siblings and I were places in a children’s home and as teenagers we moved into a permanent foster care home. Having a programme like Dot Com’s would have been extremely beneficial to us, and the thought of helping even one child is amazing. I got to work and organised various events including a summer ball – we raised £2,000.”